About NDIZ

The Northeast Denver Innovation Zone empowers innovation schools in Northeast Denver to collectively leverage flexibilities, resources, and human capital in order to deliver an excellent education to students in schools that are committed to inclusivity. Our vision is that all children in Northeast Denver will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

What are Innovation Zones?

Innovation Zones are distinct groupings of Denver Public Schools that collaborate to better serve students. Innovation Zones are fundamentally about educator empowerment. They exist to empower leaders and teachers with the opportunity to design and sustain a shared learning community specifically tailored to the needs of their students and communities, and the adults who serve them. Innovation Zone schools are not charter schools and remain within the school district and accountable to the DPS board.

 What are the benefits of Innovation Zones?

Innovation Zones are created collaboratively with leaders, teachers, parents, and communities. Benefits of an innovation zone include leader and teacher empowerment, shared learning, diversity of options, economies of scale, tailored support structures, a focus on flexibility, and community ownership.

What makes Innovation Zones unique? 

All NDIZ schools are located in the Northeast Denver area and all NDIZ board members live within the communities the schools serve. Each Innovation Zone school has a staff member serving on the board as well as a non-voting member. All Innovation Zone schools are International Baccalaureate Schools or candidate schools and interested in creating vertical alignment and shared professional learning for staff. NDIZ schools believe in fostering community through elevating the community’s voice and increasing ownership and responsibility over academic programming and student outcomes. These schools believe in creating diverse and inclusive environments for all students, staff, and families.


The Northeast Denver Innovation Zone logo represents NDIZ’s dedication to education, community, and inclusivity. From the bright, academic colors, references to community and diversity, to the “N” for Northeast within the negative space, NDIZ’s mission is clear.