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We need your help to educate our community and sustain and protect our Innovation Zones. The Denver Public School (DPS) Board will review and process the status of Innovation Zones Fall 2022. This process could impact how our Denver Innovation Zone Schools create innovation plans, receive funding and resources for programming, curriculum, hiring and opportunities, and how much involvement that parents, teachers and schools have in this process.



Click here to learn more about Denver Innovation Zones. If you’d like to learn more about your individual zone, visit one of the websites below:


Denver Innovation Zones are encouraging everyone in their communities to get involved and support their iZones and Schools by sharing their honest and important thoughts in a variety of ways:

Contact your school board member by: 

  • Send a letter to the DPS Board. Click HERE for email addresses. Click HERE for a template email that you can send directly to the Board. 

  • Send a letter to the DPS Superintendent:

  • Make a one minute video to post on social media. Click Here for ideas when creating your Innovation 101 video. When posting on social media, make sure to use one of these hashtags:

    • #denverinnovationzones

    • #ilovemydenverinnovationzone

    • #innovationisliberation

    • #wearebeacon; #wearelln; #wearendiz

  • Attend the next regular DPS Board meeting or special work session, or sign up to provide public comment at a Board meeting. Please click HERE for more information.  

  • Regular board meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4:30, with public comment beginning at 5:30.  All meetings will be live-streamed until further notice.

Other ways to show your support:

  • Sign the petition! Pledge your support for your innovation zone school:**Pledge your support**

  • Share your story about how your school’s innovation status has made a difference in your life and your student’s life. **Click Here** 

  • Share on social media about why you support your school and zone and tag it with one of these hashtags (see the full list of preferred hashtags above).

  • Write a blog post for our site or an editorial for a local media website. Email Felipe (info below).

*We may include your story in our marketing and communications materials or share your story with the media.

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