Get Involved

Check the calendar for upcoming community events and ways to become involved with the Northeast Denver community.


NDIZ Community Kickoff

September 25, 2018


Ways to Get Involved:

Participate in one or more of our Zone Engagement Networks:

  • Understanding IB: for families and community members who want to learn more about IB and want additional resources related to IB instruction and how they can support their students at home.

  • Learning Communities—Speaker Series: for families, staff, and community members who are interested in attending a series of learning topics hosted by the school and also interested in engaging the NDIZ community to bring additional speakers and resources that are of high interest.

  • Cross School Zone Engagement Council (Zone Community-Building): for students, staff, and community members who want to work collaboratively to find ways and plan events for people to engage and interact with one another across the Zone. (i.e. potluck, attend a Zone school sporting event, student mentors or buddies, etc)

  • School Transitions: for students and families anticipating school transitions (from ECE to elementary; elementary to middle school; middle to high school; and high school to college) and wanting more resources and information.

  • Welcome Group: for families new to the community who want to support one another, network together or for families and community members who want to welcome and support new families!