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Dr. Colleen O’Brien - NDIZ Executive Director

Dr. O’Brien brings over 30 years of experience in education, including time in the classroom as an educator, as a school leader, and most recently as the Executive Director of Teacher Learning in JeffCo. She is a-twice certified National Board Certified Teacher and holds a Master of Education in Instructional Technology and a Doctor of Education in Leadership for Educational Equity.

NDIZ Board

NDIZ board members live in our school communities and bring a broad range of experience and expertise to the board to support the success of NDIZ.

Michelle Culver
Co-founder Systems Learning Lab Park Hill Resident

Anne Rowe
Principal, La Vie & Company
SE Denver Resident

Dr. Ulcca Hansen
Educating Potential, Chief Strategy
Parent Rep. Montclair Resident

Victoria Scott-Haynes
Partner, RootED,
North City Park Resident

Dr. Rachele Espiritu
Founding Partner, Change Matrix
Parent of Northfield HS student

Teachers’ Council

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