The Northeast Denver Innovation Zone empowers students, families, and educators by providing the opportunity for flexible, school-based decision-making, advocating for equitable and consistent education, and promoting inclusivity and meaningful connections within schools.


About Us

The Northeast Denver Innovation Zone (NDIZ) assists Zone schools in pooling resources, maximizing the impact of funds, and localizing control to those who understand their students and community needs. We facilitate meaningful connections between students, families, teachers, staff, and school leaders to provide support, access to resources, and opportunities for innovation. NDIZ seeks to provide a voice, promote inclusivity, and advocate for the flexibility and autonomy necessary for schools to provide an excellent education for all.


Our Schools

The Northeast Denver Innovation Zone’s job is to support educators and community representatives in designing and sustaining shared learning communities specifically tailored to the needs of their students. NDIZ schools collaborate to support one another, create an inclusive environment across our schools, and benefit the community as a whole.


Make a Difference in Your Community

NDIZ offers unique opportunities for students, families, teachers and staff, and school leaders to get engaged, make new connections, and directly access the support and resources they need to redefine their educational experience. Find out how you can make a difference in the Northeast Denver Community!