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We are the Northeast Denver Innovation Zone



Empowering learners with the independence, support, and encouragement to craft relevant goals and pathways of achievement.



Designing learning environments where each student feels accepted and connected and has the resources, confidence, and inspiration to thrive in the global community. We prioritize resources to close opportunity gaps across race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, and language.



Inspiring learners to stay curious, explore new perspectives and take risks to reimagine learning.


 Upcoming Events

Virtual Town Hall Today 


Last night (November 15), NDIZ board members held a town hall to share updates and answer the community’s questions about the zone and zone schools. We appreciate the overwhelming community participation and apologize we reached technological capacity in our meeting. Please continue to use this google form to submit questions and the Board will provide responses accordingly.    
Link to Audio Recording



NDIZ Staff Advisory Committee  (SAC) ​ December 7th: McAuliffe  International

National Board teaching cohort ​

Starts November 29th at McAuliffe International 

Link to information

Working with Boys of Color Workshop

             4:30-6:30 at McAuliffe International 

              December 4th, January 8th, February 5th, March 11th, April 4, May 6th

              Link to more information 

The North Denver Innovation School Zone is always creating new events and activities to bring students, staff, families and the community together. Keep checking back for new upcoming events, or Join Our Email List to stay current on all NDIZ news and events.

Who we are and what we do

Who We Are
We are the Northeast Denver Innovation Zone (NDIZ), and we are building a model for the future of public education where students and educators thrive with the implementation of agency, equity and innovation. NDIZ exists to create innovation space for educators and students from McAuliffe International School, McAuliffe Manual Middle School, Northfield High School, and Swigert International Elementary School. We are banded together by our close geographic area, our similar instructional model, and our commitment to dream big for children.  


What We Do:
The Zone creates space for NDIZ Educators to innovate experiences for student learning and belonging. The Zone is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with DPS to advocate for school  autonomy in time, calendar, budget, hiring, and curriculum. School autonomy in innovation zones is guaranteed by state law and proven to accelerate student learning and belonging. The Zone supports educators with: 
     •Advocacy for School Autonomy
     •High quality professional learning applying innovation by
     •Support with school operations 
     •Zone family engagement
     •Teacher and leader pipelines
     •Data reviews to ensure equitable student growth, achievement, and belonging 


We are a collective of innovative schools in Northeast Denver that empower leaders and educators, in partnership with our communities, to innovate practices that result in authentic and relevant education for students. We are unwaveringly committed to agency, equity, and innovation

to accelerate student learning and belonging. 

The Northeast Denver Innovation Zone is an innovation laboratory that empowers and supports educators to innovate practice to meet each student’s  needs. 

NDIZ graduates are inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who thrive today and develop the skills and agency to become innovators of good for equity tommorrow. 


 NDIZ Schools

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